Friday, December 17, 2010

Scam 24x7

I was flipping through the channels one lazy evening. A carnival of scams was unfolfding in the television. Just then my dad  remarked," I am going to start a new news channel - ScamTV24x7. It will be a nice idea to start one now".
That got me thinking . What if we actually had one? These would be the various programs I would want to air

1.Morning Leaks : Morning show which analyses the various leaks brought out by  wikileaks
2.Kalmadi aur barbaadi : A peek into the destruction of our sports culture by India's very own Suresh Kalmadi
3.Dutt and nothing but : An hour long show about the corruption in journalism hosted by Barkha Dutt
4.Tata, birla and ambani : a show about corporate manmaani
5.Babuj zara dheere chalo : a live programme that tracks the greedy bureaucrat babus in their quest for money in the murky Indian system. The babus agreed to donate 1% of their hard earned money to charity after watching this show.
6.Indian Paisa League : This innovative sports show features various exposes in the sports world.
7.Politricks : The great Indian con-show from the worlds best con artist- Indian netas.

Got any other ideas?