Saturday, November 12, 2011

Star signs

"Have you recently looked up at the sky and watched the stars?" a friend of mine asked me. I was taken aback by his question.
And then I took my time trying to show how ridiculous he sounded and gave him some advice on how not to look stupid. Meanwhile my friend was desperately trying to explain his side of the story. But I was not listening. Later on during the day, I tried to recall the last time I had witnessed the night sky. I was horrified. I could not remember!That night after dinner I took a walk just to watch the stars. It was simply beautiful! Tiny little sparks on a dark endless carpet. I rediscovered beauty in something I had taken for granted. The irony hit me like cold water on a winter morning. I was trying to look for extraordinary things and beauty of the small and ordinary was just above my head. I am not trying to criticise modernity or development initiatives that have been empowered by technology. I do strongly believe that technology is the future. But sometimes we all miss out on things lying right there in front of us in our pursuit for the big and the great. Hyperboles tend to have a muffling effect on the melody of the natural. I now make it a point to look at the stars every night - through the little squares made by the apartments or through the dangling branches of trees. I thank my stars for the beautiful celestial show.