Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delhi Belly

When Dk Bose(click here) was launched it raised quite a few eyebrows. If your eyebrow(s) were among them then do NOT watch 'Delhi Belly'.
I would term the release of this film as the coming of age of mainstream bollywood cinema. Gems like 'Udaan' or 'Peepli Live' in my opinion were not mainstream enough. This movie is dirty, filthy, crass but not hypocritical. And that is what I liked about the movie.
The movie deals with the miserable lives of three losers, one of whom (Imran Khan) is about to get married to Sonia (Shehnaz treasurywala). Sonia picks up a package for a friend at the airport and through some series of intricate, comical(/vulgar) , and unfortunate events puts the lives of the three main characters in danger.
This short, crisp movie with a running time of just over 100 minutes have stretched the boundaries of acceptable scenes and language in bollywood cinema. Expletives flow freely like water and toilet humor is packaged (see the movie to know what I mean) in an entirely shocking manner. It is this boldness that is remarkable about this movie. It is bad and does not feel sorry about it.


  1. This is an interesting write up. I also like to read books and watch movies so this would be good place to know which ones to watch/ read and which to avoid.

  2. @Meera Sundararajan : Thank you for visiting my blog! And thanks for your flattering comment!

  3. Why is the usage of expletives in cinema being applauded?

  4. @abhi: I am applauding the honesty in cinema's approach not the expletives! The Indian cinema and serials are filled with hypocritical people trying to uphold the so-called bharatiya sanskar while expletives are used in liberal amounts even by the educated urban elites. Why cant we grow up and accept the fact that mature people can handle these mature adult content with maturity instead of targeting the artist? At the same time the content should not be exposed to kids but that is another issue.
    Thanks for voicing your opinion! keep coming back!!