Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My mobile app

I recently bought a samsung galaxy ace S5830 and dived into the world of android apps. I would like to share some apps that I enjoyed using. And all of them are free
1.Angry birds I know all of them are familiar and enjoy destroying the evil pigs with thpse fluffy and very angry birdd. Nut love them so much that i had to give them first place.
2.Dolphin browser Though it is not as versatile as opera its no nonsense simplicity caught my eye. It is ideal for browsing through simple webpagrs and comes with a lot of handy add-ons like webpage to pdf converter. It can handle video pages very well too.
3.World newspapers I am a newspaper junkie and I love to browse through various newspapers. This well organised app helps me a lot. Also check out the indian newspaper app. It has a good collection of regional newspapers.
4. Tunein radio this is one of the best apps - after angry birds,of course - in my mobile. Its an app that helps you listen to radio channels over the internet. I am in love with radio because of this app. It is much simpler than the next best app Pandora.
5. Easy battery saver. This app lets you choose various profiles that suits your needs and reduces your battery consumption accordingly. I was a bit apprehensive at first but it works.
6. Google listen this app from google lets you listen to podcasts under numerous categories. Its quite fast and simple to use
My phone becomes slow quite frequently since its internal memory is very low. Here is a tip if you have the same problem. Go to system->applications->manage application and under various application clear your cache memory. This will free up your memory to an extent. Also remember to uninstall all those apps that you have installed just to try out and forgot about completely!