Sunday, June 19, 2011


"Shaitaan.."exclaims kalki while  her character menacingly holds a teddy bear and " Pareeee !!" she calls out while playfully brandishing another. The movie Shaitan is about all of us juggling the shaitans and angels within us every moment of our life.
The movie has promising start with the mentally traumatised  Amy (Kalki) coming to India with her parents. Here she meets a group of friends - all of them super rich, carefree and lives a wacky lifestyle. Their  lives take an unexpected turn and they have to confront the devils within them, and in the society.
The movie is shot brillianly with breathtaking colours and tantalising angle but the direction has a 'david fincher'  feel to it. The music is funky and creative but sometimes goes over the top. The 'khoya khoya chaand' sequence is simply superb.The dialogues are the real gems of this movie. Sample this -" Kuch dost aisen hein jinhe raath ke do baje hi call kiya jaata hein" or the brilliantly delivered "himani navratna tel kahaan lagate hein?". When a  police superior tells his junior "Sach aur Sachchai mein fark hota hein" you can't help comparing it with the present situation and nod your heads.
Shaitaan portrays the brash, violent section of Indian youth who are aggressive in pursuit of the 'trophies' they are obsessed about and get confused after getting them. A good watch.