Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ayirathil oruvan - A crime against humanity

How many times have you succumbed to your friends pressure and watched a movie 'for them and with them'? If you are such a habitual succumber then don't hang out with your friends when this movie is playing at a theatre near you!
The main thread of the movie is very original and is not a rip-off of any indiana jones movie. The director must have felt that our culture and folklore has many hidden gems and its better to use them than ape some hollywood movie. Hats off to Selvaraghavan
NOTE:the positive part of this blog ends here. Do NOT read further below if you expect a good word about this movie.
The story starts off with a quest to find a mythical land where cholas live to this very day ruled by a direct descendant of the chola dynasty. Every character has their own personal reason to find this mysterious place on earth  - some good some not-so-good. But the pressures of commercialism has poured cold water over this dynamite of a story and we see is a mish-mash of bad editing, terrible music , horrible music, and some funny bloodspills. The cholas in this movie are so black that charcoal will look like chalk in front of them! In one scene ( the nataraja shadow sequence in the desert) the sun sets and rises from the same place!
The blunders are so many that after a point we  will start to enjoy it! Watch this historically inaccurate artistically disastrous venture if you need a good laugh at the end of a busy day
As i told my friend while coming out of the theatre - I should have burned my money rather than watch this movie

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