Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rise of Machines? i dont think so

It was 3.00 a.m and I was desperately trying to go back to sleep.Someone had suggested once that thinking of stuff you have done the previous day will help you fall asleep.
So I started thing of stuff i had done the previous day and i got a list that looked something like this:
morning - read newapaper watched a movie
noon - watched a movie
evening - watched a movie
night watched a movie.
I dont know why(:)) but I was not getting sleepy. So i began to think about what i had watched.
I had watched matrix and terminator. Both the movies had machines taking  over the world.
But why? I mean what will be there purpose of their  life?
Human beings have some purpose. It can be professional - I want to be an engineer, personal - i want to rule the world or pure fantasies -  i want to kiss lara dutta. What will machines wish for? life-long batteries?
Also if machines are created in man's 'image' wouldn't they be killing each other and fighting over metal color?

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