Monday, July 5, 2010

The Invisible Man

I was lying in a pool of blood, in a pile of rubbish just by the footpath and yet no one was noticing me. I can't blame them either. They can't see me because I am invisible.
Let me tell you my story. I was a normal kid born into a normal household.But the day I discovered that the pencil box which my uncle gifted me had the power to make one invisible I decided that I should become a successful man. I should be discussed by every household in this country. I knew that being invisible and earning money was not easy. I had stiff competition from Bobby Deol and a guy named Pawar from the agricultural ministry. But I was determined.
I set off to Bombay and decided to do tricks on the street with the help of my pencil-box. I would stand  in front of the gate way of India, disappear and make my shoes dance. I also composed some music for my performance. A few  costume changes and a song later I was successful. I had a bunglaw cars, bank balance. Pawar only had cricket. I was happy and was enjoying my success. I had a lead role in a KKekta Kapoor serial aptly titled "KKahin to hoga". It was a story about a bahu finding out her invisible husband in their palatial house overcoming the various obstacles put by her mother-in-law.I even had a reality show "jaane tu kahaan hain" running on prime time television.This award winning show had 10 supermodels and 10 housewives searching for me in a dense jungle. Obviously I was never caught but it did rake in some TRPs. I was basking in the glory of my success.
After a customary club dance just to show people that I am rich, I was pacing out of the exit when someone caught me by my arm. it was karan loafer - the ace producer and director. He had approached me with an offer for a role in his upcoming flick. I didn't know anything about my role and I swearto god i still have no idea about it. But I said OK. It was a Karan film. Thats what mattered.
I was walking on the street trying to get some air. I was excited and was toggling between see and no-see mode when a truck came truck came out of nowhere and rammed me to the ground. Apparently the driver didn't 'see' me. So here I am ; successful,invisible and bleeding to death. I was thinking that I had not even started and here I am awaiting my end in a footpath. being invisible is a big show-off I guess.
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