Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why I support the bureaucrats trapped in the CWG corruption scandal

I think the recent controversy surrounding the corruption in Commonwealth wealth games going to be held at Delhi is avaricious, malicious , delicious and auspicious. I do not find anything wrong with what the bureaucrats have done. The reasons for my steadfast support to the 'babus' are :
1.Nobody told them that Commonwealth does not actually mean COMMON WEALTH.
They thought that Common wealth means common wealth as in common room, common toilet etc etc - anyone can use it .They took whatever they needed for their 'chai paani'! They were misinformed .Don't you think?
2.They were trying to make India an egalitarian state.
They were trying to reduce the disparities between the rich and the poor. The oft-repeated 'aam aadmi' campaign was not working and UPA government was running outof ideas. So they thought of a novel scheme to rob Indians of their money and make everybody poor and usher in equality. They were this close.
3.Lalit Modi said 2000 crore is no biggie
Lalit Modi was hired by these powerful men sa their consultant and he consulted thus:"See, what you have taken is a pittance when compared to what I have stolen from 1 day of a single IPL. Just relax and work on a public statement that is atleast 100000 pages long. They will soon get tired and forget about the incident". Because of this manipulator our poor officers are in trouble

I urge all my fellow compatriots to show their solidarity with the tainted officials.They intentions were honest . Weren't they?
To read about the allegation click here

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